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Product 2 Market Top Weekly Articles

Product 2 Market Top Weekly Articles

Product marketing and marketing in general is becoming more and more multifaceted, and more influenced by technology. This week we uncover the power of beacons as a marketing tool for retailers, enjoy a professional guide written by marketing expert Neil Patel on budgeting your advertisements, and finish up with a fun dose of top 10 Superbowl commercials of all times.  

How The Quiet Rise of Beacons Has Reshaped Retail Marketing

Beacons – the new marketing frontier. Beacons are a low-cost gadget, small enough to fasten to a wall or countertop, which uses low consumption battery to transmit Bluetooth links or prompts straight to a nearby smartphone. They are poised to alter how retailers, conference organizers, public transportation, and educational organizations interconnect with people indoors.  

5 Unconventional (But Fantastic) Examples of Content Marketing

This is content marketing dish of genius all rolled up into one article, I highly recommend reading until the end. The article shares 5 huge success stories of original thought-provoking content marketing campaigns. These stories can really show how content marketing is still relevant as ever in marketing and even rebranding.

10 Ways You Can Enhance Your Email Marketing Efforts

Don’t give up on your email marketing just yet! These 10 pro tips can save you a lot of money and keep you out of the spam folder. Take heed and take action because email marketing is what can separate a winner from a loser.  

How to Unleash World-Class Marketing Power Without Going Bankrupt

Marketing guru Neil Patel did it again with this fantastic down-to-earth marketing guide. In it, he discusses the touchy subject of how much cash to pour down on the marketing department for the best ROI possible. A must-read for executives in all firms.  

The 10 Best Superbowl Commercials of all Times

What are the best Superbowl commercials? I am guessing that the media onslaught surrounding Superbowl® 50 has reached you wherever you are. Unless you live in a cave. Although if you have a radio it gotten to you there. Also if you live in a cave how are you reading this article? These are the things that keep me up at night. For those uninitiated Superbowl® 50 is this Sunday and features Peyton Manning’s Broncos against Cam Newton’s Panthers. Who will win? How will Lady Gaga’s national anthem go? Will she wear a dress made out of astroturf? Will the halftime show be the usual mess of misappropriated pop culture icons?


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