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Marketing at a new B2B company is extremely challenging, yet equally rewarding. Many companies rely on resource-efficient marketing to help drive sales, brand awareness, and successful rapid growth. As a marketer, especially at start-ups, it’s vital to wear several different hats in order to provide an extra hand in a needed department. However, despite extreme multi-tasking, it’s essential to remain focused on key projects in order to accomplish your company goals. If your business is a disruptive B2B company, a primary responsibility for every department is education. Since the company and/or product are the first of its kind, potential customers need to learn about the tool and the problem it solves. Here’s where product marketing becomes a necessity. Product marketing in these scenarios is educational marketing. Your prospective enterprise customers are constantly being marketing to and sold to by some of the best companies around. Your marketing needs to clearly display why your products are the best for solving a nagging problem. Product Marketing Product marketing is the key ingredient in the B2B technology marketing recipe. Positioning of your product and feature descriptions drive sales and customer intrigue. How do you position successfully? Your content needs to clearly answer these questions: what problem do you solve, why does that matter, and why choose your product over competitors? Once these positioning features are in place, the company’s communications must display it universally. For many B2B sites these include blogs, social media, sales cheat sheets, email marketing, web site content, and other marketing materials. The sale team’s cheat sheets and other collateral will be essential for sales for a first-to-market B2B company. Potential customers will likely pass around these materials throughout their company to get outside opinions and perspectives. Also, if your product is truly innovative, it may not be clear which department will purchase the tool. Therefore, these materials will need to be as simple as possible for the company to realize the ROI.


Kevin Goldberg