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Product marketing blogs are numerous. The blog movement was once branded as just another internet fad, but like so many other things (social networks and cloud systems among them), it has proven to have staying power we never could have imagined. But, in retrospect, I can’t say I am terribly shocked, given the way blogs revolutionize marketing, journalism and self-expression. Given how much marketing has had to change with the shifting social attitude and the changing mediums of the new century, product marketing blogs are much sought after, but far from hard to find. The trick with blogs isn’t in finding many of them pertaining to a given topic, but rather in picking out the best ones to suit your needs. There is so much information, and there are so many blogs for practically any topic that there’s no way to keep up with even a handful of the best ones. Another problem is that product marketing is a bit of a broad field, and so there are blogs catering to a multitude of subclasses within this topic. Today, I shall endeavor to provide you with the three best ones, each for a different large niche of marketing. Hopefully, one of these three will give you what you need. #1 – Rocket Watcher Startup April Dunford is a marketing guru with a lot of experience marketing a wide variety of products, and specializes in marketing solutions and strategies for startups. Despite the economic climate of much of the world over the past decade or so, it has never been a better time to be a startup company, especially if going digital and international. April, through her blog Rocket Watcher, will provide you with a constant stream of insight and innovation in both strategies and solutions, as well as real world experience from case studies and her own experiences to help light your way. She’s a good writer, and she doesn’t talk down to her readers, so I highly recommend startups and small businesses listen to her, she knows her stuff! #2 – Product Marketing by Rohit Bhargava Bhargava has his finger on the pulse of synergized marketing in the new century, and through his blog, he shares the hurdles, woes and wonders of team and cooperative marketing strategies for software, consumables and services in equal measure. He’s not for the passingly curious individual, though, as he spares no jargon, advanced business intelligence and other topical sciences in his writing, so the passing curious onlooker may find his writing a bit impenetrable. However, for those with a serious, vested interest in marketing, he’s definitely a writer to follow. #3 – The SiriusDecisions Blog Looking for a bit more of a traditional journalistic approach to marketing, covering conferences, conventions, lectures and other gathering of minds in marketing? SiriusDecisions has you covered, providing just that. Covering these gatherings, as well as new marketing theories, services and other topical points in the industry, this is basically a journalistic magazine made into a blog, and has all the trappings associated with it. These are three of the product marketing blogs I recommend most, but not the only ones I recommend. As a result, you can expect me to recommend more in the future.


Omri Erel
Omri is the Lead Author & Editor of SaaSAddict Blog. Omri established the SaaSAddict blog to create a source for news and discussion about some of the issues, challenges, news, and ideas relating to SaaS and cloud migration.