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Today, we’re going to talk about a product marketing plan template. There are a lot of these templates circulating around the internet. The increased interest in micromanagement in the business world, as well as online journalism and science exchange, have brought about a need for product marketing planning. After surfing the web, I’ve seen more than a few templates for creating a product marketing plan.  Many of them are good,  but the problem that I often encounter is that they tend to be specialized for specific products. So I decided to take elements from various existing templates, and integrate them into a general purpose template that may be more useful to the masses. If you’re expecting something intricate and complex, then you will either be relieved or disappointed. Below is a pretty simple, six point product marketing plan. #1 Objectives The first part of your plan is to figure out what your marketing objectives are. What are the demographics for which your product is intended? How many people do you aim to reach? What are your intended fiscal outcomes? What kind of identity/personality do you want to have when you first introduce your product? Long term objectives matter too, but for now just worry about your initial launch objectives. #2 Product You need to work out how your product will be presented and sold. This includes, storefront, packaging, design (website design) branding, and even payment plans where applicable. #3 Market Next, you need to figure out how you’re going to approach the market itself. Climates in various markets change over time, so you need to know the climate and attitude of people and companies in your intended market going in… Was there a recession? a baby boom? threat of war? A win of a national sport event? #4 Competition Scope out your competition.  Find out what flaws and advantages they have. Find ways to use their weaknesses against them and use your advantages to promote your product as a superior alternative. Know thy enemy, as the old proverb would say, because they could be your biggest obstacle. #5 Plan Work out a step-by-step plan for your marketing campaigns; this includes the distribution of products/services. Create a PlanB; have your bases covered in case something backfires. #6 Launch And now we come to the Launch. First impressions matter more than anything else. If your launch goes badly, then even a successful re-launch of your product may never wash away the damage cause a bad launch.  Be very careful that you follow your plan, with solid information gathered in the steps before the plan. This is a simple product marketing plan template, less specific than the others going around. Let me know if you found this template helpful!
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Kevin Goldberg