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Attention all bacon lovers: Pay attention. The delight of waking up every morning to the scent of bacon can now be yours. Only now- You don’t need a frying pan to hear the sizzle. The app and device created by Oscar Meyer creates the wake-up-to-bacon experience for you. Only without the mess, or the bacon… But that’s why this app and bacon scented device is marketing genius. 1. It’s a Viral Hurricane Kraft may be the biggest winners in the viral marketing arena this season. If you haven’t heard of their campaign, you will and soon. This campaign is creating a sizzle–er, buzz all over social media. The app and bacon smelling device hooks up to you iphone and after adjusting the frying pan to the exact moment you’d like to awaken to your bacon, your phone will begin to crackle and sizzle and the device attached to your phone will emit bacon scented heaven. 2. You Need to See it to Believe it Now whether the prospect of awakening to the phone powered scent of faux bacon disturbs or delights you, you’re going to share this link. It’s simply too unbelievable not to. Kraft knew that there are nearly 2 million mentions of #bacon on instagram, so bringing this type of campaign to social media was an effective (and hilarious) way to access the massive market available via social media. 3.  #BACON It is for this reason, from a product marketing perspective, this fake bacon move is simply genius. Whether people love the idea or loathe it, its making social media headlines and being shared across the internet at record speed. Also, it’s the type of thing you just need to share with friends. The promotional video for this product is just the type of indulgent and hilarious share-worthy video that every product needs. The website is hipster genius. 4.  And Now, We all Crave Bacon The product is amusing and inventive and both leave you wanting bacon. Then, once your taste for it goes unsatisfied, you’ll be remembering this woefully all day. That next stop at the grocery store will surely be for bacon related product right? Clever. And if waking up every morning to the smell of bacon, but not actually being able to eat said bacon doesn’t strike your fancy, you can simple awaken to the sound of the sizzle and a soothing voice reciting “baconisms” to your sleepy self. Either way, they’ve hooked you. After raising you from your slumber with the scent or the sizzle (or both), your heart may actually break when you realize it’s all just a ruse. But that heartache may just be the most clever part of this products marketing success. It’s a crafty long-term strategy for sustainable profits. If someone is going to wake up each day to the sizzle and smell of bacon, you better believe that they are going to keep purchasing it. Again, clever. So simply add a catchy and engaging video and app to a clever bacon-scented gimmick (mmmmm…) and voila, marketing genius. You won’t soon forget it and neither will those who love it (or hate it). Coming or going, marketing will catch on and bacon will be back on the menu. So get ready to awaken to bacon, this app has made sure that you’re dreaming, and daydreaming about your next breakfast (and their product).


James Mello
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