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1# Pricing is — Part of A Bigger Game Pricing is one of the major factors that determine success of a product marketing strategy. Mark Stiving explains why pricing is part of a bigger game in the context of product marketing. 2# How Do You Discover Your Customer’s Buying Process As a product marketer, it is important to understand your customer’s needs and preferences. This will help you put in place incentives to lure them to purchase a particular products. Aldwin Neekon provides some tips on how to discover your clients buying process. 3# Five Fingers Failure: Three Content Marketing Challenges for Misused Products Content is King in Online marketing. You have no option but to create top quality content for all your products. Here is an article by Braden Becker on three content marketing challenges that are related to misused products. 4# Getting Stuff Done As A Product Marketing Manager Been a product marketing manager is not an easy task? There are factors that have to be considered to achieve the set goals and objectives. Benjrees looks at some tips that managers can use to get things done in their department. 5# The Days Of The 4P’S Are Over: Interview With Adobe’s Senior Director Of Strategic Marketing It goes without saying that the era of 4P’s is over. You need to move on and embrace the new developments and trends. Here is an summary of an interview I had with Adobe’s Senior Director on Strategic Marketing.



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