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Sales Analytics and Forecasting Solutions to Consider

Sales Analytics and Forecasting Solutions to Consider

Sales Analytics have changed the way marketing strategies are created.

Analytic software provides companies with quantifiable data and analysis, supporting the use of certain tactics and processes and allowing management to make adjustments as they see fit. Sales analysis software allows forward-thinking companies to manage performance and assist with territory planning. This can also present a challenge to companies. Increasing amounts of data, via expanding new technologies makes translating this data into usable measurements complicated.

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Sales analytics software helps a business’s management team understand the data and how they can use this information to improve each quarter. The following are some examples of different Sales Analytics solutions worth considering:

#1 Adaptive Planning – Transform Business Management

Adaptive Planning’s Sales Forecasting and Analysis Solution offers new capabilities in both statistical analysis and future planning. The development of sales could include top-down forecasting, management adjustments, snapshots of data, and automatic integrations of sales. Adaptive Planning is also integrated with Salesforce, allowing members of sales, finance and executive teams to collaborate on key information. Users can also compare pipeline data and period-to-date quota achievements to measure changes over time.

#2 Callidus Clouda leading provider of sales and marketing effectiveness software

Callidus Cloud uses a Reporting and Analytics platform that allows management to make informed decisions on sales coverage, goals, incentives and commissions strategies. This platform also allows your go-to market strategy to be adjusted through the fiscal period, providing users with more flexibility to meet financial targets over the fiscal year. Profile-driven field reports allow each sales professional to monitor their relative contribution to targets and projected performance.

#3 Angoss Software’s Knowledge CLOUDDelivers Predictive Analytics and Data Mining

Angoss provides users with insightful and intelligent data offering clear cut recommendations to improve sales, marketing and risk performance. The company’s products support the analysis of massive amounts of data with 64-bit addressing and in-database analytics for large datasets and a number of predictive variables. Angoss focuses on helping businesses to use their data to understand key drivers of behavior and predict future outcomes.

#4 GoodData – The Open Analytics Platform

GoodData is, a leader in end-to-end cloud analytics, enabling companies to store, combine and analyze data. GoodData allows its users to leverage more data and make insight-driven decisions faster. The GoodData platform was designed with pre-built connectors and APIs, agile data warehousing services and more features supporting IT’s needs for data governance, security and oversight. GoodData is 100% cloud based and the platform is scalable and flexible for each business.

#5 Vecta – Helping distributors sell more effectively

Vecta integrates business intelligence and CRM, giving users a comprehensive view of sales opportunities. Vecta users can easily view measurable increases in sales results and are able to increase time spent with customers as a result. Vecta is also the first company to offer OnDemand software. The new service has three components, subscription licensing, hosted delivery and managed services. This allows users to install upgrades and access services over the internet and thus, makes Vecta the first truly operational business intelligence SaaS.


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