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My Favorite Articles this Week in Product Marketing

My Favorite Articles this Week in Product Marketing

It’s always a good idea to learn from the best when creating a memorable product that everyone wants to use and constantly thinks of. Once you have built that thing you know everyone will want a piece of, how do you get them to hear about it? Ever wonder how is it that some companies make it big, or even huge, but didn’t invent anything new? In fact far from it? I’ve gathered this week’s best articles on product marketing, important things to be aware of and consider, action points and creative ideas on how to do it right.

1. How to Manufacture Desire

As humans we all have habits. Some companies are better than other at creating those habits for us without us even realizing. Those successful companies were able to manufacture desires within us and get us to think of them “just because”. They have become a part of our routine. Nir Eyal summarizes how to get your customers “hooked” on your products.

2. Why, Dear God, Haven’t You Started Marketing Yet?

Entrepreneurs, even if you’ve gotten impressive traction not spending a dime, customer acquisition is crucial to the early stages of your company. Gaurav Jain, an early stage VC investor tells us why it’s important to market early and effectively.  This can also be done on a budget if done right.

3. How to Sell Your Boring Service Without Being a Bore

That title is certainly an attention grabber! Think no one cares about your product? Margarita Hakobyan takes us through the steps of how to create engaging content, even if it’s screws or tax services.

4. 3 Collaboration Tips for Innovative Product Marketers

Product Marketers have one of the most intricate positions within a company and need to collaborate with many other teams within the organization. Ritika Puri takes you through 3 steps that will help you maximize your time in the most efficient way possible

5.3 Disadvantages of Mass Marketing You Must Know

Mass marketing isn’t as effective as most might think. A mass reach won’t get you far if you are targeting millions that aren’t your target audience. If you do choose to go down that path, Omri Erel earns you about the disadvantages to take into consideration. 


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