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According to Joe Green, Founder of Causes, going viral involves a similar process to how the flu spreads in that it is a product of frequency, proximity, potency and incubation. The flu process can be applied like this: how often someone sneezes, the number of people who encounter the germs, the probability of those people becoming infected and how long it takes to infect others. The same progression can be used for how content is spread: who is talking about it, how many people they have shared it with, how potent the overall message is and ultimately, after the content is shared, how often is it viewed. By following this model and hitting on the following topics your video will surely go viral: answer a question, address a hot topic, ensure your video is short, start off strong, create a compelling title, description and thumbnail, make people compelled to share and eliminate aspects that will make people reluctant to share.    


James Mello
James is the Lead Author & Editor Product2Market of Blog. James writes for the Product2Market blog to create a source for news and discussion about some of the issues, challenges, news, and ideas relating to Product Marketing.