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This week’s best in product marketing outlines steps to create high value content, how to engage with great content marketing and even peers into the future with some PM predictions for 2015. 1. 4 Principles for Great Content Marketing Tom Masotto’s article outlines what he describes as the 4 Principles required for great content marketing. From analytics to recycling, there is excellent information here for the product marketing professional. 2. Guest Post: Four Basic Steps to Create High-Value Content That Yield Results Jessica Bowers’ article will help you start and enhance your content marketing path in order to gain better high-value results for your marketing purpose. 3. 4 Shocking Content Marketing Predictions 2015 In this article by Sarah Mincher she looks forward with confidence to content marketing changes ahead of us in 2015. Some of these predictions may surprise you, but all of them will help you plan and create next steps. 4. What Were the Biggest SEO Trends from 2014? David Moth’s article describes the biggest SEO trends from 2014. With these in mind we can make some great predictions about the future in 2015. 5. 7 Merry Marketing Strategies For the Holiday Season Finally in this article we look at some exemplary marketing strategies to use during the holidays and all year long.



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