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The Machines are Taking over – Top 5 Articles about AI Marketing

The Machines are Taking over – Top 5 Articles about AI Marketing

I have been waiting a long time to compile this list after reading on this subject, Artificial Intelligence is something that will change the industry as whole. Specifically marketing is going to change, because today’s marketing demands are digesting enormous amount of data and act according to this data in real time, it seems like the obvious playground for AI to prosper.

Sentience: The Coming AI Revolution And Implications For Marketing

This article surveys the wonderful book by PHD called ‘Sentience: The Coming AI Revolution and the Implications for Marketing’. And analyzes the upcoming repercussions for marketers worldwide with the coming of fully fledged marketing AI.

Singapore Airlines Sales Surge Following AI Marketing Campaign

This one is a true testament to the untapped potential of AI in marketing. Singapore Airlines hired the services of Computer Generated Marketing ‘Rocket Fuel’ to launch a campaign to increase its sells. The outcome was an instant surge in popularity well beyond everyone’s expectations.

Marketing set to be rocked by AI revolution

It is not all about replacing CMO’s and product marketers, it is mostly about creating AI that will stand by their side and offer assistance whenever it is needed. This article by Sead Fadilpasic detailed the countless benefits that can be achieved by combining the brain power with the computer power.

Artificial Intelligence Is All Around Us, A Benefit For Marketers

Written by an expert in the field, George John, Rocket Fuel Inc’s CEO. He starts by explaining the images portrayed of AI by Hollywood blockbusters like “Chappie,” “Ex Machina” and “Her” which predict a dark future of AI failing to cooperate with humans and explains that while there are pitfalls, companies specializing in AI can properly regulate the computing power offered by this technology and provide advancements in all fields of the industry, especially marketing.

The Finest Marketing Leaders of All Time

If you want to read about more reasons that revalorized that marketing industry check out this great article about the finest marketers of all time and how they changed the landscape of marketing forever.


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