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This week’s best articles feature topics such as the most viral social media campaign this year, more about the world of content marketing and a list of tools to take your email marketing to the next level.

We All Know Content Marketing Is Important, But How Well Are Businesses Managing It?

Using a beautiful Infographic, Marketing Guru Dr. Dave Chaffey explains why having a Content Marketing Plan in place is vital to success. Dave offers invaluable data he collected from dozens of marketers and how they manage their content marketing efforts. This new research, helps understand the state of content marketing management and see where we stand.

SaleCycle’s Top Three Content Marketing Must-Haves

Modern marketing tools are vast, different and might be even confusing. SalesCycle decided to offer some order in the mess by highlighting what tools can benefit content marketing specifically and how they can be used.

Email Marketing Tips & Tools – the Top Ten Tools for Email Marketing

Email marketing is the outcast of marketing, even marketers themselves frown when they are receive it. Nevertheless it is can be come essential in some cases. Think of social media like facebook, LinkedIn and twitter, all of them provide us with a constant feed of emails reminding us to go back to their platforms and interact with the people who are contacting us. Jason McDonald wrote a great article, in a humorous manner, sharing his wisdom about Email marketing.

Here Are the 12 Best Facebook Marketing Campaigns From the Past Year

This post by Garett Sloane is stunning – 12 amazing viral social campaigns that took over the internet public, this article gave me a huge boost of creativity and proved the untamed infinite potential marketers have when combining the power of social with a good marketing strategy. I highly recommend it for social media marketers.

The Finest Marketing Leaders of All Time

The list in the article contains 6 of the marketing forefathers that I learned from, and who I believe contributed prized understanding to other experts. Only some on this list are recognized as experts, but the knowledge is no less applicable to modern day marketing procedures.    


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