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The Top 5 Search Engine Marketing Tools

The Top 5 Search Engine Marketing Tools

There are hundreds of search engine marketing tools in the market, and most new and experienced digital marketers always ask. What are the best SEM tools out there? Which are the must have tools? Which tools will increase my customer viewership? And which should I avoid at all cost. The best SEM will not only build your reputation but also generate you profit. Remember that with the right data a good SEM tool will open you doors. Without further ado, below is a list of the best tools for search marketers, and why.

The Top 5 Search Engine Marketing Tools

1. SEMrush

First things first, the most powerful and effective way of using SEMrush is determining if it is healthy or not. Every time we are working on link building campaigns and outreach, we always use SEMrush to check for the number of keywords a site is ranking in Google. If you find a site that have a large volume inbound DA and links, but doesn’t have keywords ranking with the SEMrush, then maybe they have been penalized. You should also check their own organic traffic, this will enable you to determine if there is actually a massive drop. With all of this information you will be able to determine if you should leave or pick this site. You can also use SEMrush to search for keywords. Find top site with ranking keywords then combine the keywords with some sites in the industry and see how you end up with a comprehensive keyword list.

2. BuzzSumo

Many individuals do not consider BuzzSumo as a SEM tool, but only as a social media platform. But remember that content marketing and SEOs are becoming indelibly connected. BuzzSumo is a powerful arsenal in SEOs. We use Buzz when we want to look for content ideas whether it is visual, blog content, and social. After which we create a database of keywords, then look for then in BuzzSumo to craft some amazing titles. BuzzSumo will only help you to get ideas of new infographics. Click on the backlink, you will see all the social share of the most amazing inbound links. With this in hand you will be able create a list of link to look out for.

3. AuthorityLabs

With authorityLab you will be able to track the historical ranking and graphical representation on how a keyword have been ranking over the years. Experienced search marketer knows that this should never be an isolated case. Bear in mind that data varies based on data center, personalization, etc. however this element can be used to verify how a keyword has been behaving over time given consistency provided by AutoprityLab. It will also give you numerous sites at once to have a look at and compare. This will give you a chance to see how your competitors are faring against you.

4. Ahrefs

When it comes to link data and backlink research for link audits, then Ahrefs is the ideal tool for it. You can use it to find the following things:• The number of domains that a site have?• How many domains comes from unique IPs?• It give the number of links that comes from .edu or .gov sites?• How long does it take for a link to grow over time?• It can also give you the anchor text density, lost links, broken links and export link data for the google penguin audit and many more.

5. Majestic

The interesting side of majestic is the citation and trust flow metrics. And most importantly the topical semantic context of a site. When working on the outreach or link building campaigns, then you will identify all of the top ranking sites and then gather the citation and trust flow, and also the topical trust flow numbers. This will enable you to focus on creating an amazing profile. Some uses of MAJESTIC: • Used to download lists of backlinks when you are working on the link audit• Used to check for the referring domain and all other their backlinks, citation flow, trust flow and the topical flow.• It can also be used to identify lost and new links


If you were looking for the best search engine marketing tool to take your business to the next level, look no more for this article has the answer to your problem. Choice one or two, apply it and watch your business grow because the search engine marketing tools will do it all.


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