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This Week’s Best in Product Marketing helps you boost sales on a “boring” product, better use analytics and even get to know the marketing strategies from the best in the industry. 1. 5 Ways to Inject Excitement into your ‘Boring Product’ Marketing In this article by Bigfoot, they discuss the importance of leveraging your product’s important purpose, and acknowledging your marketing limitations in order to push forward a strong brand. If you’re struggling with stale marketing this article is for you. 2. Using Analytics to Maintain Marketing Focus In Tim Crosby’s article, he demonstrates the importance of using analytics in order to detail marketing intelligence and demonstrate, especially to wary clients, the importance of evidenced based decision making. 3. Proven Product Marketing Tactics from Salesforce and Dropbox VP Brady Dale’s article outlines some of the best advice and tactics from Adam Gross, head of product at Heroku. Gross’ interests and expertise lie in app development and cloud and this article delivers some of the best advice in the business. 4. The “Agile” Approach to Consumer Product Marketing In this article by Customer Experience IQ, they discuss Agile methodologies which result in increased software ROI. By paying attention to “Agile” product marketing you can strategize a better experience and build a better approach to PM. 5. Jumping on the #Bendgate Wagon – What it Means for Product Marketers Finally in this article I speak directly to the attention received by the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, for all the wrong reasons.  By examining #Bendgate, I demonstrate how smart marketers can act fast to capitalize on even the worst publicity.



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