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By: James @Blog2Market Mello In this week’s best in product marketing we wander the fine line between right and fright in personalized marketing, identify the struggle in finding the right technology, and developing the perfect product launch. 1. Fine Line Between Right and Fright in Personalized Marketing In Ben Tepfer’s article he addresses the challenges that we all face in personalized marketing. Not sure when to step back? Tepfer’s article does a great job of identifying the creepy line so that none of us cross it. 2. Could Your Content Marketing Be Scaring Away Customers? Eric Vidal’s article identifies the importance of content marketing to the overall business strategy. In particular he identifies some key findings in the report “Enterprise Priorities in Digital Marketing,” a global survey conducted in July.


3. Marketers Struggle to Find Technology to Build Personalized Customer Relationships Jim Tierney’s article helps address the way we can build a better and more personalized relationship goal for marketers. 4. How to Get the Most Out of a Tight B2B Marketing Budget In William Steward’s article he outlines ways to get the most out of a tight B2B budget. While doing so he addresses the important media you can leverage, the importance of understanding your audience and the need to gather vital metrics amongst other tips. 5. The Product Launch Checklist Finally in this article we outline the steps to an effective and successful product launch. From defining your goals to defining your customer base, these tips are sure to make your launch better. Enjoyed this Article? SHARE with Your Friends & Coworkers!  


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