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This Week’s Best in Product Marketing address the importance of influence in marketing, some key differences between B2B and B2C marketing and even an infographic that helps us identify the difference between growth hacking and traditional marketing. 1. How to Be More Influential In this article by Rohit Bhargava he addresses the importance of influence in leadership. He also clarifies what he defines as influence and provides some excellent insights for your journey to becoming more influential. 2. Marketing Tips and Ideas to Help You Grow Your Business Jim Connolly’s article summarizes some of his top marketing tips for you. These tips can help your business (small or large) achieve better sales results. 3. Nine Internet Marketing Stats We’ve Seen This Week  In Ben Davis’ article he gives you some stats which will make you more in touch with your customers, and more aware of all of your connected users. 4. Key Differences Between B2B & B2C Marketing In this article by Gina Casagrande she discusses the successes and failures of marketing campaigns, especially when they hinge on finding the right audiences. 5. Infographic: Growth Hacking vs. Traditional Marketing Finally in this article we identify the ways that growth hacking and traditional marketing differ. The infographic that follows is especially informative.



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