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Top 5 in The Most Controversial Marketing Topic – Politics

Top 5 in The Most Controversial Marketing Topic – Politics

If there is a single trade which makes the most usage of marketing practices, it is the political scene. Politics and marketing have been linked from the time when competition in election became the standard in countries with a democratic system. There are numerous politicians who rely exclusively on marketing to hold their positions of control. Whether it is election period and a politician must market his opinions to the electorate, or serving as a supporter or challenger to a new governmental measure. Marketing is everywhere, but when it comes to politics, it is inseparable, here is a collection of top 5 articles to prove that notion.

How Email Marketing Shaped Modern Politics

“This is Critical”, “How grateful I am” and “Today” were some of the email titles that made news when Obama’s team started emailing millions of US voters in 2012 and it was only the begging of the powerful way marketers shape the modern politics election time. This article by Amir Jirbandey shows how Email marketing has become an influential instrument for politicians in the election scene.  

3 marketing Takeaways From the Marco Rubio Campaign For President

This article takes a good look at the impressive campaign run by Macro Rubio’s team and analyzes its strong points and key factors for making this candidate a solid choice. This article, by Tomas H. Lucero, is actually based on a Forbes interview with the leader marketer for Rubio’s election campaign.  

Meet Zac Moffatt, The Digital Mastermind Who’s Trying To Take Down The Obama Campaign

This article offers a wonderful glimpse at the real time job of a political strategist managing an election campaign. In this article, by Brett LoGiurato, you can view great and relevant statistics explaining the different consideration and the data used to make the best decisions.  

How to Market the Next President

Liza Porteus Viana wrote this amazing article by looking back at successful and les successful marketing measures taken to promote the US candidates and by doing so she teaches us the power of the political branding.

3 Disadvantages of Mass Marketing You Must Know

After all of these articles supporting mass marketing as a tool for political influence I would like to share with you the reason I showed in a recent article of mine why mass marketing is something to be cautious with because those campaigns will fail if the candidate they are marketing fails to connects with the voters.


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