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1# The Case of Marketing Enablement Professional marketers who are conversant with B2B strategy understand the meaning of enablement. Organizations need to put enough resources towards enablement to achieve their goals. Here is a review by Marcia Trask on the real meaning of marketing enablement. 2# Content Marketing in Real World: the Role of Product Marketing For content marketing to succeed, it has to involve product marketing. The two are connected and have to work together to deliver the best results. J-P De Clerck takes a look at the role of product marketing in sales. 3# How to Develop the Right Tone for Your Product’s Message The right tone in product marketing will determine if you will make a sale on not. John Bonini article gives easy tips on how to develop the right tone for your product marketing strategy. 4# How to Generate Value from Digital Marketing Any successfully marketer can attest to the fact that digital marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools in the world. Marketers need to embrace it to achieve their goals. Here is an infographic by Douglas Karr on how to generate sales using this platform. 5# Oscar worthy Product Marketing Lessons This year’s Oscar ceremony was no different from the rest. It produced gold worthy product marketing materials and ideas that marketers can use to achieve success. Here is an article I wrote earlier on product marketing lessons that marketers can learn this event.



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