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5 Videos That Best Explain Product Marketing

5 Videos That Best Explain Product Marketing

Product marketing has truly evolved over the years, as technology has advanced to allow marketers to reach a more directed audience. Now, there are so many more strategy directions out there, which paves the way for a company to design their advertisement around their target audience. I compiled a list of five videos which provide useful information, from simply explaining the concept of product marketing to introducing new strategy ideas. This list is a great opportunity to go back to the basics, and make sure we didn’t neglect the most important rules of great product marketing.  

1. What is Product Marketing?

This video explains what product marketing is by utilizing colorful infographics and informative explanations. Understanding what product marketing really is, and how it benefits a company is crucial for any professional these days. This lively video provides great insigh

2. Startup Lab Workshop: Product Marketing for Startups

Learning about the marketing success stories of other companies is extremely useful when creating your own marketing strategy. This talk touches on some key points that startups should focus on when creating their marketing strategies based on other companies’ success stories and failures.

3. Marketing Mix: Product Strategy

There are some key points to always keep in mind when designing a product marketing strategy. In her video, Soma Jurgensen discusses many important points about product marketing, and provides useful insights such as new strategies based around the economy, and how to get back up on your feet if a product fails.

4. The Seven Ps of the Marketing Mix: Marketing Strategies

These seven words that begin with “P” successfully explain each of the crucial aspects that go into a marketing campaign. From product, to price to place and more, this video provides useful insight into what it really takes to design a successful marketing strategy for your product.

5. 7 Steps To Product Launch Marketing Success

Learn how to launch a successful marketing campaign and see positive results such as increased ROI, happy customers and larger successes in future launches. The video stresses important phases such as performing extensive research on your audience in order to successfully design your product message to appeal to your target audience. This helpful advice can really add to a team’s philosophy, I recommend watching and taking notes


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