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This month there were some fantastic product marketing articles published. With a focus on social media and the mobile revolution, many writers shared their insights and predictions about what’s in store for future marketing. With helpful advice along with words of wisdom from the experts, this list of articles is truly worth the read!   1. 5 Marketing Technologies High-Tech Companies Are Adopting This article discusses the significant changes that technological marketing has brought to the industry. It’s fascinating to read this analysis of all the unique tools and services now available to companies that allow for a more advanced and pointed marketing campaign. Read about the impact marketing and sales has to the industry, and learn about some of the high tech solutions companies are more frequently turning to.
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2. 3 Marketing Secrets to Adopt for Better Sales Game Joel Felcher discuses some cutting-edge sales techniques that will help you improve your sales campaign. This is a cut throat industry, and at times it’s hard to get ahead of your competitors. However, by doing your research, and implementing innovative and original methods, you’ll surely get ahead in the sales game!   3. How the Future of Mobile Search Is Unfolding This Year and Beyond John Rampton talks about an important issue brought on by the mobile revolution, stating that it’s predicted that by 2020 there will be the equivalent of 1.5 mobile devices for every person in the world. Rampton discusses the impact this will have on SEO and search engines, and what this means for online marketing in the future.   4. Got a Social Media Following? You Can Turn It Into a Business. Really. This article delves into a fascinating concept that not many give enough credit to. Generating a personal social media following isn’t that different than generating a commercial following. Jayson Demers tells us all about how to successfully turn your personal followers toward your business based on intention, scale and direction in order to add to your marketing campaign.   5. What Marketers Need to Know About Chat Apps This article provides a “how-to” guide on how to utilize various social media platforms in order to successfully connect with your audience. There has been a movement from public social media to private messaging, and Mark Schaefer shares some useful advice as to how to utilize social networks to a marketer’s advantage.     6. Yes, Political Ads Are Still Important, Even for Donald Trump I included this article as an example of how significant advertisements are in general, and when they are the most effective. Politics aside, the author uses the American presidential election to provide some useful marketing tips about the impact ads have on any campaign trying to sell a person, product or concept.   7. The Real Product Market Fit This fascinating article provides a useful guideline to help marketers know when their product is market fit. According to Michael Seibel, the point when you’ve exhausted the possibility of making any changes to your product is when your product is considered market fit. Find out how to ensure your product is ready for the market, and when to know to keep working on it.   8. 8 Clever Marketing Insights I Found This Week on Twitter Twitter is a hub of interesting insights and innovative new ideas. I recently put together a list of fantastic marketing tweets I came across. I hope you learn as much as I did from the words of these experts!  


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