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Every online marketer, experienced or new, knows that it is almost impossible to make any impact if you do not have the right online marketing tools. You need these tools so as to manage and monitor your progress. Although there are many types of tools, you need to understand how to choose the most appropriate ones. There are people who just choose any of the tools that they find without knowing what they are likely to gain after doing so.

Top Online Marketing Tools

Phone Call Tools Boosting the effectiveness of your site or that of your client requires you to know about the calling trends. There are several tools that can help you to do this including CallRail and Mongoose Metrics. They work in such a way that they monitor your calls based on your own marketing campaigns. Other things that are involved in tracking your calling trends include the search keywords as well as traffic source. Most phone tracking tools help you to view your call list as website views making it quite easy to identify the areas that are of more concern to your clients so as to come up with the most appropriate way to handle them. It may not be easy for you to understand the importance of tracking your phone calls until you implement these online marketing tools and start seeing the results. This is one of the simplest ways through which you understand your audience. In fact, it cost free and so, this is the more reason why you should go for it. The only thing that you need to know when choosing such a tool is that you should be sure of the impact that it is likely to have on the website before you go ahead to use it. Do not just choose any of those that you have access to until you are sure about it. Form tracking tools Another important thing when managing a website is to know how your forms are performing. How many people are filling them? How many have actually seen them? This is important when it comes to knowing how you can use the forms to improve the website. It could be that you are not progressing because the kinds of forms that you are using are not appealing to your clients or they just do not like what you ask of them. There is a specific way through which you can use these tools. The most important aspects of the tools are when you know how many people start using your forms, how many actually complete the process and how much time they spend doing so. You also should know the areas of the forms that most users have problems filling and so, act accordingly. You also should use the online marketing tools in this category to know the sections of the forms that are likely to drive your users away. This makes it much easier for you to draft the kinds of forms that will add the most value to your site and entire campaign Heat Map Tools  Heat maps such as CrazyEgg on a website are basically used to indicate the navigation of your users on your website in a graphical way. It usually shows the parts of the site that are most used and the links that are most clicked. You also will know the buttons that your users press most and those that they ignore. It gives a detailed report of the way people use your website. This is one of the tools that will help you to understand what your users want most. It will give a boost to the marketing campaign since you are likely to k now where you are likely to get more response when you want to market something. It shields you from the disappointment of doing things without even knowing if anyone is interested in them. With website heat maps which include ClickTale as online marketing tools, all that you need to do is to choose the ones that are easy to use. Even when you are looking for those that have the most features; it is good to understand that there is nothing much that you will gain when you spend most of your time trying to interpret them than utilizing the information to improve the website. The good thing is that there are many that anyone can think of and so, you simply should test various from among them and decide on the one that you can best work with. Split Testing Tools If you wish to test different variations of a web page or just to compare various different designs, you need to find effective split tools such as Optimizely and Visual Website Optimizer. These ones will help to understand the specific one that works for you. If you have been in this work for long, you definitely know that there are many types of layouts and designs that anyone can use. What is without a dispute is the fact that not all of them can be good for you. This is attributable to the fact that not all websites function the same way or target the same clients. You should also have some knowledge of split testing techniques so as to effectively use such a tool. The good part is that you can use the tools to find amazingly many solutions to the problems that would otherwise have brought your site down. Once you find the tools, you will not that it is not a problem knowing how to give the best to your web visitors and this is the best way to remain on course for success. Other Tools A tool such as WalkMe is helpful in that it boosts adoption rates, increases free to paid conversions, and ensures you create a smooth experience for your customer with your product. Effective and reliable website speed testing tools are also important. Once you find online marketing tools that can help to boost the speed of your site, you will notice that reaching out to your web visitors will be much easier.



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