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Some of the traditional marketing methods are still practical today in the era of online marketing through social media networks. Recent advancements in the world of communication have changed the marketing scenario considerably, but some of the marketing techniques that were successfully used in the past still work in the present hi-tech era. You can use these techniques even if you have an online business there are lots of opportunities are also available for you. I want to discuss 5 traditional methods that worked before the internet that you can integrate into your current marketing strategy to successfully market products and achieve the results you want.

Traditional Marketing Methods That Still Work

Press Release Press releases are published by businesses to introduce new products in the market or to announce the addition of new features to their existing products or services. This marketing strategy can be used even today while introducing new set of packages or a long term offer in the market. Even small online businesses can use this strategy for marketing their products and services in local markets. Today, press releases are also published online but you can also contact local magazines and newspapers for this purpose as they may have some special offers for you. Direct Marketing Flyers and brochures were historically used to come into direct contact with the local consumers as well as business clients. Leaving a nice brochure or flyer with the businesses or persons who you think may be interested in your products or services was considered to be enough at that time. Small businesses can still use this method to offer special gifts to get attention of first time customers. This traditional method still contains that personal touch that, depending on the product, clients may seek. Business Cards Business cards are used to by business owners to introduce themselves to other businesses in a sophisticated manner. This traditional marketing method can still be used today for business promotion. You will have to keep your simply but artistically designed business card in your pocket so that you suitably present it to all types of clients. This also creates a connection with the client, which is important. Cold Calls If you know a client that is potentially interested in your products and services then cold calls can be a suitable way to contact them to introduce yourself. You can also send an email to establish the connection.  This can be an initial step for your face-to-face meeting with them. Word of Mouth This is one of the most important marketing methods traditionally used by the businesses, which is still effective in present marketing system. Today, businesses arrange competitions or charitable events along with their online contents to receive promotion through word of mouth. At first glance, you may doubt the effectiveness of these marketing methods. You certainly can not rely on their effectiveness unless you incorporate them into the marketing strategy of your business.  You will certainly see the effect of traditional marketing methods when you mix them in with your present marketing plan.




Omri Erel
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