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Amazon has live streaming through its acquisition of Twitch. Twitter has periscope, Google has Youtube’s live streaming, and Facebook has live streaming through its platform as well. Tumblr, the blogging and content sharing site with 550 million monthly users, is set to launch live video streaming today.   In order to announce their new feature Tumblr decided to let its users know by posting this teaser on the company’s blog.  Tumblr has not yet offically announced this feature, however it was confirmed by TechCrunch that it is real.  The blog post shows you what seems to a broadcasting schedule for June 21st. Streams will include a broadcast live from the surface of Mars. Tumblr also teases that it will “inflate a very big thing in a very small room”. According to TechCrunch Tumblr will also introduce a user-facing feature for live video. Which should give the company a chance to compete with the tools for real-time content that users access today via Facebook Live or Periscope. TumblrSupport_MotionGraphic_PlugIn Although details of how this feature will work have not yet been announced, we can expect to be able to see live streaming both through the mobile app and through web browsing.   This whole ‘announcement’ is certainly an interesting marketing move. The company has managed to gain much attention on Twitter, media outlets, and other social media platforms by their vague and mysterious announcement.   Even though Tumblr’s tactic is probably a wise marketing strategy, I wonder how much revenue the blogging platform hopes to see from this additional feature. Will Tumblr be able to compete with YouTube and Facebook? I guess we will wait and see,


James Mello
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