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The Product Marketing Conferences You Can’t Afford to Miss

The Product Marketing Conferences You Can’t Afford to Miss

It’s already summer but there are a lot of exciting product marketing conferences left in 2016. I’ve picked 3 unique and creative events over the rest of the calendar year as an opportunity for you and your team to learn, grow, and network. The conferences selected will feature product marketing success topics such as the growing focus on social media integration, as well as the emerging digital aspects of marketing. The conferences are all innovative and each brings their own fresh take on marketing success. Leaders and executives from some of the most successful companies in the country will be headlining the events alongside many bright and innovative minds in small organizations and start-ups across industries. Most of these types of events are cross-industry by nature. This means that you can network and draw inspiration not only from marketing leaders in your industry but from the giants of other industries as well.
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Let’s get into the Product Marketing Conferences:

1. Corporate Social Media Summit – June 20-21, New York

Top social media directors and CMOs cross-industry gather at the Brooklyn Bridge Marriot to discuss the power of social media in leveraging product marketing. The speaker line-up includes directors from BBVA Compass, Under Armour, and Coca-Cola among many other prominent companies present. The 5 pillars of the Conference will consist of integration, innovation, engagement, analyzation and retention. These pillars will be the underlying theme pervading all the lectures and workshops. Many case studies will also be discussed in depth during workshops. This conference will be an excellent opportunity for your team to network and learn some of the industry’s product marketing success secrets.  

2. ClickZ Live – August 29-31, San Francisco, CA

This event is self-described as a “digital arms race”. Over the three-day conference, it will be discussed how to master the skills to acquire, convert, and retain customers. Digital marketing leaders from Facebook, Linkedin, ESPN, and Hasbro, among many others, will be present. Principle topics will cover Mobile marketing, Paid & Organic search (SEO), Content, Analytics, Social media, B2B and B2C business models. Single day passes as well as full event options are available. As a tech hub of the world, San Francisco is a perfect city to host this event.

3. Transition – September 20-21, New York, NY

The transition is reported to be one of the most creative product marketing conferences out there. The event is focused on the globalization and connectedness of industry and is known for an out of the box approach to workshops and mind-bending keynote speeches. Keynote speakers include Tim Hwang, head of public policy for artificial intelligence at Google, as well as extreme tech artist Hojin Song, and CMOs from Mastercard and Unilever. Covering innovative topics, future marketing strategies, and technology trends, this a great product marketing success to round out the year with.   All the events listed have a history of putting on great product marketing conferences. Taking your team out to one of these events will be a great team-bonding and mind-expanding experience.  Product Marketing conferences such as these are a great investment in your company’s growth and future.


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