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Video Marketing Statistics – Overview

Video Marketing Statistics – Overview

  The purpose of having a video marketing statistics cheat sheet is so that you are able to boost your online marketing and budgeting. Video marketing is becoming a more popular marketing strategy for many companies today. The use of videos in marketing has truly gone mainstream. The truth is, people in the United States alone have watched over one billion videos since the start of the year, and this only echoes out that indeed the use of videos in marketing is far way a powerful tool today and will be in the future than written content and images.

The Buzzing Reality

There is no gainsaying that the number of videos people watch online are massive in count. From comic videos, business shows, ids movie, entertaining episodes to reality advertising it is certain that videos are becoming quite popular among people of all ages. When you are watching a cartoon movie on YouTube, thousands of other users are doing the same on the same website, increasing the view count from just a simple countable number to a range completely unimaginable to the human eyes. The beauty of this is that it clearly shows that if anything, video marketing is definitely a popular strategy worth taking into consideration.

Why are There So Many Views on Content?

Even before going into video marketing statistics, it would be ideal to know why exactly those big view figures. A good example is the YouTube view feature, which lets you know the number of times a video has had views from people. By the way, these aren’t paid views. They are real stats generated by YouTube, the biggest video social networking platform in the world. The content have many views, which keep increasing on a daily because of so many good reasons.
  • The content of the videos are evergreen. The term evergreen is a popular one you will most often see in context of content marketing. It is an important aspect, which refers to the usefulness of the content in question. It means that the content that people follow on a daily has no expiry date. It means that such content, no matter how long they last in human history, people will always want to see and engage with them.
  • The content are authentic. Believe me, no one wants to spend an hour on a video that adds no value in their lives. Even the young teens who used to spend time watching unnecessary content online are engaging into business activities and seeing how video marketing are transforming lives, and therefore choose to engage themselves with useful content that can help them rise the ladder of success in a reality world.
  • The content grab attention with ease, as they have something new to teach every viewer by day. People want to open a video knowing that they are going to learn something new. They want to click play on a video because they want to believe it has the best content for product review, service review, business ideas and so much more.
  • The content are always engaging. Popular video content that get millions of views and hundreds if not thousands of comment are always engaging. They are a call to action types of content, which ask users to do something to get some results.

The Relevance of Points Above

The idea behind mentioning the four points above is so you know that video marketing statistics reveal videos being a major form of marketing today, not because videos are worth watching but because of the nature of content in them. As already known, some videos rarely do get views, but even then, videos remain a sole source of real marketing, but of course, only when done right.

Video Marketing Statistics for 2015 and Beyond

You have noticed a popular trend in video engagement. You walk into your friend’s place and you find them watching videos on Facebook, you walk with another and they are busy live streaming on twitter and you go into office and cyber and find people engaging themselves with video content on YouTube. There is really little engagement with articles (written content) although they make the bigger part of the web. This means that perhaps, video making could be the future of the web if popularity of videos is anything to go by. Here are some video marketing statistics that we have seen since the beginning of 2015 and what exactly we should expect beyond this year.

About 59% Viewers Watching Videos to Completion

Obviously, marketers create videos because they believe that people will watch their clips to the end and the truth is that there are people doing that, not only once but regularly on a daily basis. Current video marketing statistics actually show that just about 59 percent of viewers will watch a video from the first minute to the last one.

Video Sharing

The invention of latest smart phones must have been a good luck to many people really. Marketers do enjoy this, because if they do the video content in a smart way, then they have the assurance that their videos are going to spread and that is definitely a reality. Current trends in video sharing actually shows that about 92% of people who view videos on mobile phones always share them with others. This, if anything, spread the message about a product, a brand or a service to many different people with ease.

Sale Conversion Possibilities

It may sound strange, but the dynamic world is actually generating leads for people after video posts and customer engagement. According to video marketing statistics, close to or even more than 65% of executives from different parts of the world always visit the site of a service provider after they see the video content presented by the vendors.

Businesses Success Stories

It is obvious that people have the notion that written content has gone viral online and hence the only popular way to get people engaged with your brand. Wrong. You, if 70% of professional marketers have concluded that video marketing converts than any other medium of marketing, then you can be sure that it is definitely an option worth the take.  


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