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This Week’s Best Product Marketing Articles

This Week’s Best Product Marketing Articles

In this week’s best in product marketing we look at the role of the story, small business, and even SaaS in the changing environment of product marketing. 1. Your SaaS Is NOT a Product: How to Change Your Mindset and Boost Your Revenue In this article by Kissmetrics, you’ll find some key ways to ensure that your service-oriented SaaS brings you more value. 2. Small Business Spotlight: How Marketing and Sales Alignment Helped Us Grow More than 1000% in 2 years In Michael Litt’s article, he tackles the challenge of marketing and sales alignment and in particular, offers up some solid advice that helped his company grow more than 1000% in just 2 years.


3. How Storytelling Can Boost Your Brand Leah Betancourt presents this article on how to create a meaningful, provocative and resonating story to engage with your customers. Whether you are stuck in flat business writing or a more savvy writer, your story will benefit from Betancourts insights. 4. How to Interpret Your Email Marketing Reports (Without Spending All Day Doing It) In this article by Miranda Pacquet, she challenges you to look at your email marketing reports in a new light, by providing some key insights into report interpretation. 5. 3 Most Effective Tactics to Market a New Feature And finally, an article I wrote about how to market new features and so that your implementation goes smoothly and effectively.

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