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Effective viral marketing strategies can produce increase in brand awareness and help businesses reach their marketing objectives. Marketers create viral marketing programs to appeal to individuals with high social networking potential. It is about creating viral messages that a business can deliver by words of mouth or network effects of the internet and mobile networks. Viral marketing takes different forms. It can be in the form of interactive images, video clips, text messages, email messages, web pages and eBooks. The main objective of viral marketing is to create marketing campaign that brings a potential exposure to your business website or blog. For most marketers, doing this has proven difficult. However, creating such a marketing campaign is straightforward. Once you create epic content, you should easily reach a mass of initial exposure, ask subscribers to share your work and make content easy to share. Viral marketing is not about knowing the techniques that can work well for your business. It is about understanding the techniques and putting them into practice to realize you online marketing objectives.

Viral Marketing Strategies That Work

Viral Content Contest The contest gives people an opportunity to share and comment on posts to be eligible to win a price. To do this, pick a topic that is in a high demand by readers and write some high quality posts about the subject. Do not forget to include question for the readers at the end of each series. Make content easy to share. Have people tweet about you and ensure they include your hash tag on the content while sharing. Pick out the best prize that would impress your readers and create a post explaining about the contest and the prize. Make the contest public, ask people in your network to take part in the contest and watch people help you spread the word about your brand during the contest. Community Survey You can create a quality, precise survey on what is happening on your niche, collaborate with someone who has authority in your specialized area to host it and then reach out to bloggers who can help you to promote it. If you create an effective community survey, you will realize a great branding and many links to your website and survey. You have great content in the end, which you can even use as your anchor along with a Pay with a Tweet Giveaway. Community surveys are a great way to develop traffic for your brand and is one of the best viral marketing strategies. Work closely with the authority in the industry and bloggers in exchange for access to the results of the project. Asking New Subscribers to Share If your site or blog does not have a section where people can subscribe for updates, invest some money in including one. Now think of the action you would like people to take once they are your subscribers. Identify one action and focus on it. Choose an incentive that you will offer to people once they start to help you spread the word. Think of a way you will appreciate people for to share your idea. For instance, you could promise a bonus or a credit towards your program. Think of a technique you will use to determine whether your subscribers are actually helping to share information about your brand. This way, you can track the number of clicks you get relative to subscription sign ups. Paying with a Tweet Giveaway Pick a highly demanding topic and write a high quality post about the topic. Include a shortened URL to the post. Please make sure the URL you place in the post is something memorable, not a jumble of letters and numbers. You can use or another service for this. Create a bonus that complement the post and include in it the URL of the post that you just created. The bonus should be something great. Something that people would be willing to walk through the fire to win. Sign with a “Pay with a Tweet” free service to give people access to the post once they have tweet or shared your post. Once your post go live, ask people in your network to assists you in spreading out the word. This way, knowledge about your brand will definitely spread. E-Book Work together with other bloggers and write an eBook hat your audience would value and want to read. You can then involve other bloggers to help you in promoting the eBook. Essentially, what you do here is to ask several bloggers to write short posts about subjects that readers would love to read. You can then proceed to joining these posts into an eBook and then give away to the readers to have access. When writing the posts, think about the major question that readers would love to have answered. Make sure the questions are answered in the best way possible so that the product can be good. You should invest in attractive design and layout for the eBook. Once the eBook is ready, you and your contributors should plan of the release date. As soon as it goes live, reach out to your network and ask them to help you spread the word. Do not forget to thank your network and bigger bloggers you have a relationship for the support throughout the viral marketing campaign. Videos Videos are a great way to promote your brand. Great videos can help you reach your marketing objectives with ease. In that case, create an upload interesting videos to video-share platforms. Examples of some platforms you might find useful include YouTube, Daily Motion and MetaCafe. Remember that the video you create have to capture the attention of viewers. Creating quality videos takes time and patience so make sure you are ready for the task before you begin. Article Marketing  Article marketing is one of the most effective strategies you can use. Well-written, interesting, educational and entertaining articles are great. If you allow people to syndicate your articles, it is a definite that some of them could definitely go viral. You need to make sure that your articles offer good value. Create articles that are easy to read, has flow and teach people. Articles that describe how to do something or accomplish a particular task are the best kind of articles to write. These viral marketing strategies are sure to help you yield the results you are looking for in your business.



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