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1. Four Types of CMOs

This article by Jake Sorofman sheds some solid insight on the four archetypes of successful (and unsuccessful) CMOs.

2. 3 Tips for Making Profitable Marketing

Katherine An’s article outlines some very insightful tips about optimizing your marketing processes and getting the most out of your team.
3. Nike’s 3 Secrets to Making a Viral Video

Powtoon’s Ari Sherbill compiles some of the industry’s best viral videos and showcases just how Nike makes their videos epic.

4. How to Deal with Content Launch Anxiety

This article by Ross Hudgens gives some great tips to deal with content launch nerves. You’ll learn a lot about how to handle the fear and trepidation in a meaningful way.

5. Infographic: What you need to know about Twitter this year

This commentary on the infographic about Twitter’s offers some great insights into twitter’s biggest stats.



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