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3 Most Effective Tactics to Market a New Feature

3 Most Effective Tactics to Market a New Feature

* This article is part of a book called “Product2Market- How to Market a New Product and Introduce New Features “   We live in a world where technology advances at an extremely fast pace, and businesses struggle to keep up. As a result, businesses continue to add new features and functions to their products without proper marketing.  These features could boost productivity, improve services or improve customer satisfaction, but without suitable introduction and marketing they’ll go unused. Implementing a new feature is anything but easy, as the businesses need to educate both their customers and their employees on how to use them. Here is a brief overview of the most effective tactics to market a new feature: 1. Informative E-Mails Companies should never underestimate the power of email. It still remains one of the fastest, efficient, reliable, and cost-effective ways to introduce a new feature. In an instant you can reach your entire user base. The only issue with this strategy is encouraging your customers to open and read the content. A 7% open rate won’t really introduce your new feature. Make sure to pay special attention to the subject line and provide step-by-step instructions within the body of the email. An informative email will clearly and simply explain the new feature and why it improves the overall product. 2. WalkMe and Other Tutorials While it is true that emails can work magic, people respond better when they’re actually shown how to use a new feature. This also conveniently fixes the read-rate problem about reaching your customers. Nonetheless, for a tutorial to reach its purpose it must be properly designed and implemented – only this way it can truly teach the user how to use the feature right away. WalkMe is a great choice in terms of informative, step-by-step tutorials. The software will clearly demonstrate how to properly use a new feature. Also, with the condition tool inside WalkMe, users can be notified on their first visit. The same technique is used by Google when they introduce new features inside Gmail. On the other hand, the tutorial can also come with a call-to-action, a message that will persuade the user to find out more about the feature in question. Informing the user about the new feature may not be enough, as they must understand the usefulness of the feature. This is where WalkMe steps in and thoroughly explains to the user what the new feature involves and how it can add value to the product or service. 3.Highlight Last, but not least, another efficient and straightforward way to inform a user about a new feature is to simply highlight it. Pop-up notifications are very useful, although they can be disregarded and/or only a small number of users explore the notifications and become familiar with the new feature. This does involve more effort from the user, but the final result is worth it, especially if the pop-up also comes with a brief yet straightforward training program. This article is part of a book called “Product2Market- How to Market a New Product and Introduce New Features.” Claim your free copy by filling the form below.
The book covers a range of topics, including: Chapter 1: 5 Effective Ways to Launch a New Product Chapter 2: How to Properly Market a New Feature Chapter 3: Product Marketing for Boosting Lead Generation Chapter 4: Positioning Your Product in a Competitive Market Chapter 5: Case Study: WalkMe Product Marketing


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