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This Week in Product Marketing

This Week in Product Marketing

In this week’s best in Product Marketing, we look at Tinder, Transcreation, and the role of content marketing in selling a lifestyle (and product!) 1. Four Product Marketing Reasons Why Tinder Got Really Really Big In this article by James Carson, he examines four particular product marketing plays that made Tinder so successful.


2. How to Position Your Brand for Successful Transcreation of Product Marketing In this article by Courtney Huber, she outlines just how to position your brand to uphold its fully crafted identity. From tagline, logo, or graphics and copy, you’ll find something in this article to help you build a more cohesive identity. 3. Use Content Marketing to Sell a Lifestyle, Not a Product Firas Kittanah’s article outlines just how to market a lifestyle and how to apply this to your own business. With this advice you’re sure to drive clicks and sales and significantly increase awareness of your product. 4. The Five Keys to Marketing An Emerging Service or Product  Steve Olenski outlines five key ways to create consumer demand for a product. From performance to pedigree, his five keys to marketing an emerging service or product is sure to provide you with some new insights. 5. 10 Ways to Boost Product Marketing  Finally in this article we tackle just how to boost your product marketing with 10 main, important ways to gain the appropriate advantages for your business or organization.


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