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As the business industry gets revolutionized, marketing is one of the sectors that has experienced a whirl wind of change on how the day to day business is conducted, and growth hacker marketing comes in as one of the most recent and successful options. The world over is going digital and so has been the trend in marketing which has seen a migration from the traditional methods into the new network of digital trends. Businesses, especially startups, are hiring growth hackers or permanently employing them to add to the flavor of their pool of marketing tactics. With an addition of both technicality and trendiness, growth hacker is an aspect that no company wants to miss a share of the pie and knowing the best tactics that will give you an edge against your arch competitors and allow you to sow above the rest in this quest to sustain an enviable customer pull. In this regard therefore, it is imperative to understand the top rated growth hacker marketing tactics that are bound to guarantee you getting a notch higher in your marketing endeavors.

3 Growth Hacker Marketing Tactics You Must Know

Application of Automated Technology The first Growth Hacker Marketing tactic employed by successful hackers is its particular focus towards application of automated technology. The grand question that should stay afloat in the mind of every growth hacker is “how do we undertake the automation of this?” Automation can usually be undertaken by use of a host number of methods to achieve the desired results. Endorsement is one of the known ways in which automation can be done though this may involve taking a gamble with the possibility of desirable results. Telling the press about everything you are doing will keep the business in the public eye for a long time and guarantee a number of users that reaching them could otherwise prove elusive. Use of influential figures is also a good way to automate membership following and is bound to attract a steady stream of interested followers. Automating distribution by having other renowned markets working in association with your site in ways that benefit users differently is a good way to do this. In the same context, result oriented growth hackers are always examining and re-examining indefinite possibilities in which certain things can be done. In this aspect, any formidable growth hacker that is poised for the kill must understand that rapid and steady growth is channeled in two forms. Social sharing and server engine optimization is regarded as a source of slow but steady growth. Temporary tactics that may mushroom from time to time and campaigns are responsible for rapid growth that is also unsustainable. It is worth noting that there exists certain areas that large companies cannot miss in growth hacking. Some tactics of growth hacking will usually employ flirts when it comes to good citizenship and legal issues and the boundaries between them. However, any keen person must note that such tactics can only be employed by companies that are small enough, scrappy enough and can make it to get away with it. Understanding your customer involves graduating in the school of thought that involves familiarizing yourself with the three principle rules that govern growth hacking. Comprehending your customers’ language involves getting to know the articulations of the customer problems. In addition, know what it implies, and this is the first letter in the growth hacking alphabet. Going Viral Going viral is the second most accomplished tactic used by growth market hackers to seduce customers into submission. A typical example of Dropbox which saw its sign ups experience a jump by about 60% stemming from friend referrals. In this particular case, the users were given an easy and rare opportunity to tell each other of the product existence. The ease is further added flavor by availability of both emails and link referrals that can be utilized by users. It is noted that persons receiving referrals from friends have an increased tendency of trust towards product advertisement of these forms and will usually get appraisals for passing information to friends regarding such a service. Social media platforms are a one more window for growth market hackers to throw in their bid in an attempt to draw massive following. With applications such as twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn having several buttons such as like us, follow me and connect, hackers can utilize such commands to ignite attention from social media users. It is of utmost importance to ensure that the process is both fast and simple for users to allow them have an easier time in the use of such services. A typical example of Dropbox that calls on unregistered users to sign up for accounts before enjoying its services sets the stage for going viral. In this context, simplicity is the way to go. Customer Engagement Customer engagement is the third secret that forms the basis of growth hacker marketing success. Previous successful hackers do not rely on what the trend brings tomorrow but instead focuses on what is happening at the moment. Real time response to immediately available data must be undertaken to realize immediate results instead of unearthing historical statistics that may be outdated and out of place. In so doing hackers can gauge the live trends and react to them appropriately, examine changes in tactics of marketing to allow them relinquish unproductive campaigns and capitalize on the new unravelling opportunities. With such flexibility, guaranteed growth hackers can freely shift to allow them shift in response to fluctuating reactions and needs of the customers and hence adapt into the environment, as need dictates. Its worth noting that marketing by growth hacking connects more customarily and in more intimate ways with customers compared to the traditional methods. Such connections are normally disguised in the free casual conversations, personalized offers through which useful information is delivered and the medium of communication used in boosting loyalty to the brand and consequently increasing the sales. A major focus of growth hackers in this case is the share ability that allows them to have customers getting other customers once some sort of curiosity and interest has been ignited that prompts information sharing between prospective customers. Conclusion The dynamic trend of technology has added up to the numerous ways in which product promotion can be undertaken. Use of growth hacking has landed thunderously in the industry and learning of successful tactics to be employed in growth hacker marketing is a major milestone in harnessing the numerous advantages that it provides.



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