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By: James @Blog2Market Mello In this week’s best in product marketing we look at the tyranny of targeting, the old school content marketing practices which may make you outdated and unsuccessful, and even ways you can thrive in a content marketing world. 1. Don’t Be a Content Marketing Dinosaur — 5 Must-Haves to Stay Current In Eric Siu’s article he addresses the important must-have that every product marketing professional needs to stay current. From current short-form mobile content to rich media for engagement, Siu’s article outlines ways to keep current in this fast changing environment. 2. How Product Marketing Can Thrive in a Content Marketing World In Michelle McGinnis’ article she outlines just how PM professionals can work out well in a content marketing world. From partnering with content marketing to talking the topic, instead of the product, McGinnis has a number of a insightful tips that will surely keep your PM ahead. 3. Digital Marketing and the Tyranny of Targeting In Jake Sorofman’s article, he outlines what he describes as the poor (and let’s face it, sketchy) practices of personal data use for marketing purposes. 4. Good Data Can Save Bad Marketing In this article by Omar Minkara, he leverages some great research to make the case for comprehensive data-driven marketing. 5. Video: Crazy Ways Social Media is Changing Your Brain Right Now In this article we outline a video about the ways that social media has actually rewired our nervous systems. The data is convincing, and scary. 6. Measuring Marketing Data   Finally in this article we tackle the importance of measuring marketing data and make the case for data measuring and analysis.

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