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My 5 Favorite Articles in Product Marketing This Week

My 5 Favorite Articles in Product Marketing This Week

This week’s best articles feature topics such as startup market segmentation, sales enablement and the worst marketing decision you can make. Have a read below there is some fascinating stuff in there. Startup market segmentation:5 steps to selecting target market To launch a highly successful startup you will first need to divide your target market into viable segments. Startups normally have limited capital and employees to carry out their business objectives. In order to make it they have to focus on the audience that has the highest probability of buying, and also that can effortlessly build early business momentum. Should Sales Enablement be the New Product Marketing? The art of sales enablement is definitely farther reaching than traditional product marketing. This process enables sales team to be adept in selling business values on a day-to-day basis. The single worst marketing decision you can make The most terrible marketing mistake you can make is launching a product no one really needs. The ideal product should have the capability of generating an explosive reaction in everyone that sees it. The best marketing strategy is to launch a product that meets a real need for real people. Rethinking Customer Marketing for the Subscription Economy A shift from the conventional subscription business strategy is necessary for those who rely heavily on recurring revenue. Such product marketing out of sheer necessity needs to engage clients in a different manner that just considering them to be one time customers. Product marketing needs to be more than just corresponding with clients, but rather marketing in every sense of the word. Product launches and website marketing: How SEO is still key  A lot has been said about SEO having outlived its purpose, but this is fortunately not the case. More so when it comes to product launches, where implementing the right SEO techniques on every facet of this process can lead to colossal success.



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