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8 Marketing Articles You Can Read in Eight Minutes or Less

8 Marketing Articles You Can Read in Eight Minutes or Less

With September having come to an end it’s that time of month where I bring you the top articles of the month. This month I have brought to you a variety of important reads ranging from content marketing to social media marketing and email marketing. Here for your reading pleasure are 8 articles you can read in eight minutes or less.

1. Content Marketing: 10 Common Mistakes

In this article Yael Warman begins by stressing the importance of content marketing in a businesses marketing strategy. She goes on to list 10 common mistakes that content marketers will make, and how to avoid them. Ranging from not setting goals to not posting enough, and sometimes simply focusing your attention to the wrong places.  

2. RetailMeNot’s latest marketing approach is one resturaunters might want to consider

The author Shelly Whitehead, gives her analysis of RetailMeNot’s marketing move. The retail savings site’s campaign revolves around providing users with information on spending in order to bring more customers in. The author suggests that other companies should try to provide their customers with more information to make their services more valued. mac-glasses-1

3. Startup marketing strategy for explosive growth

This article points out the importance for startups to spend time and effort into their marketing efforts, because although their product/service might be great, if no one has heard of it, it won’t do them any good. Some of the marketing efforts listed include, content writing, blogging, viral campaigns and so on.

4. 7 irrefutable laws of social-media marketing

Lori Turner Wilson shares the secrets of success in social-media marketing, what turns your efforts into loyal and engaged customers. Starting with targeting your audience and ending with having a consistent presence online, this is a must read for those in need of a little boost in their social-media campaigns.

5. Top 5 Websites Every Marketer Should Read Daily

Marketers need to stay informed to new trends and important marketing related news. With endless amounts of content and websites out there, I managed to create the top 5 you should have on your daily checklist.


6. 5 Tell-tale signs your marketing campaign isn’t working

When an email marketing campaign is simply not yielding the results it should be, Thea Millard directs readers into the 5 most likely reasons and warning signs you will see for failed execution. If you notice that open and click-through rates are falling or that site traffic isn’t budging or a few others, this article is for you.

7. Want social media success? Just EAT it.

Although this article is calling out to restaurant owners, all of the authors lessons apply equally to marketers in other fields of work as well. Megan Redzia says that in order to maximize your social media impact you have to employ the EAT strategy. Engage, Align (with brand identity, and Turn social actions into traffic.  

8. Adblock Plus in now dictating the business of online advertising

A very important news related read for advertisers and users of Adblock Plus. James Farrell in his piece goes over the seeming hypocrisy of Adblock taking money from online advertisers in order that those ads be shown to the public, while those who don’t agree to pay a fee, well, you can imagine what their future will look like. I hope you enjoyed reading some of these articles as much as I did. Be sure to follow me on Twitter and let me know which articles you found the most useful for your marketing efforts. Also send me articles that you think I should include in next month’s reading list.  


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