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Closed loop marketing evaluates the potential of each lead to produce a sale. This helps marketing sections of companies and businesses understand their worst and best sources of leads. It is important to establish where each lead comes from and determine the efficacy of each marketing strategy. It lets marketers know how effective their campaigns are and whether they audience are receptive to them.

How to Set Up Closed Loop Marketing

It involves four key steps:
  • Arrival of the visitor on site
  • Visitor browses the website
  • Visitor is converted into a lead
  • The lead is converted into a customer
The visitor has a cookie that monitors his e-mail, social media and source. It then tracks what the visitor does on the website. A form signifying that the lead has been captured is submitted. Finally there is a connection made between the source and the lead and the source is attributed. This process is not as simple as it sounds. It can be very complex because you need to trace the exact origin of the lead. You will need to determine whether the lead came from prints you handed out at an exhibition or trade show. Search term, or e-mail marketing campaign. You can look for trends; compare channels because each of them is tagged using different colors. This tells you which sources are valuable and how to make the under-performing ones more optimal. Closing the loop is best done by making your website the hub for all marketing activities. You should have social media marketing, referral links, e-mail marketing, offline campaigns, organic search and paid search filtered to the website. This way when anyone visits your website you can place a cookie and track them. Each marketing campaign should have a tracking URL. This done by adding a parameter at the end of the link of your website so that the analytic system you can associate and identify it with certain initiatives and campaigns. Through closed loop marketing,  you can accurately track visitors who may look like they are coming from searches that are direct. The analytic tools can pool a group of traffic using the tracking token. This system is the process which customer data is used to feed marketing campaigns and increase sales. It is based on quality information that gives leads so that the marketing function knows that there is a customer. Benefits of Closed Loop Marketing It is an intelligent marketing system using online tools. This enables marketers to use their budgets effectively while focusing on marketing campaigns that have results. It closes the loop between marketing behavior, sales success and customer behavior. To perfect it, inbound marketing should be perfect. This should show that the company website is highly ranked by search engines. This means that both blogs and social media are being optimally used to bring in customers.There should be landing pages on websites to make the prospect take more action and motivate to the next part of the sales. This is done simultaneously as the information is tracked and the sales team is informed. Conclusion This is a good tool to use when planning future marketing campaigns. Closed loop marketing is a feedback tool that will tell you which campaigns are effective and which have the most enquiries, leads, which keywords bring traffic and which landing page gets you customers, it also tells you where they are coming from and how many.



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