What Makes a Great Marketing Executive?

Marketing leaders have undergone a long and challenging process to get where they are today. Overseeing a marketing campaign is complicated, and can come with many challenges as it is an all-encompassing position. There is such a range of aspects that fall into the job description of a marketing executive, it truly takes a vast amount of skill and knowledge to get the job done. Leading a successful marketing team not only requires good leadership and crisis management skills, but knowledge about things like the product line, budget, media costs, and more.

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This infographic by Pepperdine University provides a detailed outline of each step of the process that goes into creating a successful marketing leader. Beginning at the start of a person’s career and focusing on the degrees required, along with the cutting-edge personality traits they need to possess in order to even think of pursuing this type of position. According to the infographic, executives remain 19% more confident in their own company than in the overall economy, showing the most important trait is loyalty and dedication to your business.

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