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This Week in Product Marketing

This Week in Product Marketing

In this week’s best in Product Marketing, we look at how to create sustainable and integrated social media, how to leverage crowdsourcing, and even locate some lesser known essentials to remember when creating a marketing plan. 1. How to Integrate Social Media and Blogging from The Art of Social Media Guy Kawasaki’s article helps you “curate yourself” to entice people to follow you and build your social media presence. From adding some drama to share buttons, Kawasaki’s article will help you benefit from the art of social media. 2. Balancing Engagement Marketing: Cut Clutter and Start Crowdsourcing Caitlin McDonnell Struhs outlines trends in engagement marketing. Particularly, she focuses on leveraging the explosion of available online outlets for crowdsourcing. 3. How to Cater Your Content to Your Audience’s Learning Styles with Rich Media? In Brian Watson’s article, he outlines the requirements of the most successful thought leaders in engaging with different learning styles. In particular Watson’s article outlines how to work with visual and auditory learners, as well as Kinesthetic learners.


4. Lesser-Known Essentials to Remember When Creating a Marketing Plan Barry Saunders article identifies some of the lesser-known points to remember when creating a marketing plan. He focuses on regulatory issues, defining success, and even reviewing infrastructure. 5. 5 Real Time Marketing Tips That Bring Results Finally in this article we look at 5 real time marketing tips. From fostering a sense of urgency to integrating real-time marketing endeavors, we know that these tips will help bring you results.


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