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In an effort to boost viewership to publishers, Snapchat has gone through a redesign which it hopes will lead to more traffic and views on publisher’s content. Up until now publishers have had a hard time standing out amidst community-stories, with the redesign, Snapchat hopes to give publishers a fighting chance at getting noticed, which has been an issue for them thus far.   Publisher’s content will now appear alongside live stories, which up until now had been largely dominated by community users. When users sift through the stories in ‘Discover’, there will now be colorful pictures with headlines, as to draw more attention. Additionally, users are now able to subscribe to publisher’s content, this will give the companies a better chance of being seen.   Media companies and Snapchat are hoping that this new redesign will bring in more revenue. Advertisement is Snapchat’s main source of income, so it’s very important for them to focus their efforts on ensuring increased revenue for partnering publishers. snapchat redesign Snapchat has essentially become a television set for the younger generation, in which they can view professionally made material and communicate with friends. Snapchat will have to make sure that this new concentration on advertising will not detract from the content being published, or users might opt for a different platform for content consumption.   Now I wonder: if the redesign does not bring in increased revenue, what will Snapchat do to hold onto its publishing partners?


James Mello
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