No One Can Stop The Beat! Hairspray Live Brings The Future of TV Ads

The commercial break is dead! How does that word make you feel? Frustrated maybe? Yup, try as we might things are getting increasingly difficult to market through commercials. As per NBC’s annual holiday musical tradition, Hairspray Live will be aired live on NBC tonight, but nothing is complete without some good old fashion commercials, right?

Bullseye! Target Will Be Open on Thanksgiving, Hoping to Increase Revenue and Customer Loyalty

Target announced on Wednesday that stores would open at 6pm on Turkey Day (and will remain open until 10 p.m., 11 p.m. or midnight Black Friday,) for a third consecutive year.   By doing this, they join other stores like J.C Penney, Macy’s and Walmart who don’t want to risk staying closed while their competition is