How to Be a Well-Rounded Marketer: An interview with Marketing Influencer Santiago Uribe

The path to success may not always be clear for marketers, and having your voice heard among your competitors can be exceedingly challenging. Part of this challenge is created by the competitive market, while the other part is the ability to adapt and innovate as an individual marketer.   Learning from other marketers can help

[Infographic] Top 7 Tips for Email Subject Lines (To Avoid the Spam Folder)

It’s that 4-letter word that no marketer wants to hear. It’s the marketing blacklist that everyone wants to avoid. The Spam Folder.   SPAM. And we aren’t talking about the mystery meat that you find in a tin can…the other type of spam – the Blackhole of emails that readers automatically delete.   Take a look

No One Can Stop The Beat! Hairspray Live Brings The Future of TV Ads

The commercial break is dead! How does that word make you feel? Frustrated maybe? Yup, try as we might things are getting increasingly difficult to market through commercials. As per NBC’s annual holiday musical tradition, Hairspray Live will be aired live on NBC tonight, but nothing is complete without some good old fashion commercials, right?

Spotify Just Summarized 2016 in the Most Genius Way (marketers take note)

Spotify is wrapping up their 2016 marketing campaign with a bang, and we wished we thought of it first.   Their tagline theme is “Thanks, 2016. It’s been weird.” They aren’t just referencing the relatable chain of unexpected current events that happened this year, but something even more intuitive. Spotify used their analytic software to

15 Email Subject Lines that’ll keep you out of the spam folder

How can you win at email marketing?   How do you  get yourself noticed among the thousands of promotional emails being sent to the average person every week?   Email marketing is a developing, growing field, with more and more companies hiring experts to turn visitors into customers. But being a developing field, there are still