This Month’s Top Article’s That’ll Give You The Chill

BOO! Did I scare you? I hope not, because then you would miss out on best articles this month. In the spirit of Halloween all of this month’s articles are filled with surprises and candy (well, more like marketing insights and Halloween campaign trends). With billions of dollars being spent on Halloween, it’s essential for

Why is everyone comparing Google Pixel to the iPhone 7

The past 48 hours have been crazy, following the announcement of Google Pixel.   Ever since Google’s announcements of its Pixel phone this Tuesday in San Francisco, many news outlets including; The Verge, Bloomberg, CNET, Usa Today and others have been drawing comparison between the Pixel and the iPhone 7. Aside from both being smartphones,

Snapchat Makeover – New Name, New look, Same Sense of Fun  

This week was big news for Snapchat, they announced they were breaking into the physical hardware business, and simultaneously to filter their own brand image. Snapchat will now be called “Snap Inc.” It’s shorter, sweeter, and simple new name gives a broader image to the brand. Snap Inc is definitely proving to the world that

Top 5 Product Marketing Podcasts to Tune in to

Podcasts are a great way of learning about new advancements in your professional field. Brought to you by the experts themselves, the following list of podcasts contains useful insights into the SaaS industry, and provides new tactics and alternative methods for excelling at your job.   1. Implementing the Pragmatic Marketing Framework Pragmatic marketing expert

Folks at Google Analytics Really Know Their Customers

Remember that annoying feeling you had when you were shown an advertisement that had nothing to do with your interests? Now imagine getting that in real life. After you’re done imagining, check out this video, showing this exact unfortunate experience. Folks at Google have created a series of videos, presenting “Google Analytics in real life,”